Friday, June 02, 2006

Baylor's First Women's Gymnasium

Sturdy Oaks, Once Only Gymnasium for Baylor Girls, Appear About Ready to Relinquish Their Lengthy Vigil
Waco Times-Herald
July 10, 1927

By Vernon McGee
Walden Journalism Scholar,
Baylor University

Many years ago the gymnasium for girls in Baylor university consisted of a swing which hung from the limb of an oak tree. Dr. Rufus C. Burleson, who was president of Baylor at that time, caused the old fashioned swing to be built in order that the coeds might have some form of recreation, for in those days girls were not alowed to speak to boys on Baylor's campus. The same tree which supported the swing still maintains its faithful vigil over the university campus, aided by three other oaks of about the same age.

These leafy sentinels are rather intimately connected with Baylor history, for they were flourishing long before the institution was founded. Dr. E.H. Jones, head of the Botany department at Baylor, has estimated the age of the oaks to be between 150 and 175 years.

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