Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Demolition of Brooks Hall: June 20

Demolition continues on Brooks Hall. The entire south wing (the one which ran parallel to Kokernot Hall) is completely gone. Here's what the building looked like about 1:15 p.m. CST.

Here's a view of Minglewood Bowl from the Fifth Street Parking Garage. That's Collins Hall in the background at the left and the Mary Gibbs Jones Family and Consumer Sciences Building to the right of Collins.

Another view of Minglewood Bowl, this one from a different angle with Brooks Hall in the background.

Before demolition of Brooks Hall began, workers removed some of the distinctive architectural features of the building and have laid them on the ground near the construction office on Minglewood Bowl. Dr. Dub Oliver, Baylor's interim vice president for student life, told me awhile back that these stone pieces will eventually be incorporated into the new Brooks Village buildings to provide continuity between the old and the new.

Another saved architectural element -- one of the large stone urns that flanked the entrance to the Brooks Arch at the front of Brooks Hall.

UPDATE: On my way home from work about 6:15 p.m., I noticed that demolition was still in progress, including what appeared to be the first tentative whacks to the famous Brooks Arch. Here's a few more shots I took at that time.

Photos by Randy Fiedler

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