Friday, October 08, 2010

A Baylor Fish Tale

Frosh Believe Tale
Story of Whale in Lake Waco Not True

Daily Lariat
January 14, 1941

Freshman co-eds: there positively isn't any whale residing in Lake Waco, regardless of how persuasive your date might be, and if there is it certainly doesn't have an electric sign on its back with which to warn co-eds when 10:30 o'clock arrives on week-end nights.

Saturday night two innocently green co-eds from Alexander hall journeyed to the Lake with their escorts to see the wonderful animal rise to the surface with an electric sign warning all dormitory dates to "start home."

When time came for the whale to give the warning, the co-eds became suspicious, but the men passed it off by saying "It must have a short in the electric wiring, but we will be glad to return next week and wait for it," and with that they made a mad dash back to Alexander hall just in time to keep from being late.

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