Friday, August 01, 2008

Ten Shun!

Emery On Duty

Dallas Morning News
Saturday, August 31, 1895

Waco, Tex., Aug. 30 –– Lieut. J.A. Emery of the United States army, eleventh infantry, arrived to-day, accompanied by his family, and took up his residence in the commander's quarters of the Baylor cadets. Lieut. Emery came to Waco in obedience to instructions of the war department to serve as military instructor of the cadet corps. The lieutenant has been in active service in Arizona and further west in the campaigns against hostile red men. He appears much pleased to change a while to Waco, where the Indians were driven off several years ago, and a civilized city of 30,000 people has built fine colleges and twenty-seven churches. Lieut. Emery, although an infantry officer, is thorough, as he needs must be, having graduated at West Point. He understands all about cavalry and modern artillery. He will give the cadets the complete military curriculum. He was waited on to-day by the Waco Artillery company, just forming; also by the organizers of the McLennan county light dragoons, a cavalry troop the young men are getting up. All the military organizations at Waco hope to profit by the presence here of a regular officer.

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