Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Demolition of Brooks Hall: May 24

Work continues on clearing the pavement, trees and other items that must be removed to make way for Baylor's new Brooks Village. These photos were taken Wednesday, May 24, about 4 p.m. CST.

PHOTO #1: This view of the front of Brooks Hall (with the famous Brooks Arch) shows the chain link fence which has been erected around the building to restrict entrance only to authorized persons. A large dumpster sits out front, ready to handle any debris.

PHOTO #2: Another view of the front of Brooks Hall.

PHOTO #3: The asphalt and concrete that made up the parking lot and sidewalks adjacent to Kokernot and Brooks Halls and Minglewood Bowl have been dug up, for the most part, and the debris is slowly being taken away in trucks. Some of the parking lot asphalt can be seen piled up at center. Kokernot Hall is to the left, Brooks Hall to the right.

PHOTO #4: Today the mammoth oak tree that stood on the north side of Brooks Hall, facing the parking lot adjacent to Martin Hall and the Fifth Street Parking Garage exit, was taken down. In this photo, a workman with a chain saw is busy cutting the large tree trunk into smaller sections for easier removal.

PHOTO #5: Much of the parking lot next to the Air Force ROTC building (the former Student Health Center) has been closed and put into service as a storage area for construction equipment and supplies. In addition, today I discovered that a large trench has been dug between Waco Creek and the east side of the ROTC building. I'm not sure just what types of pipes or other items might eventually be buried in here.

Photos by Randy Fiedler

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